On Friday afternoon, May 24th 2013, Senior Warden Terry Dunn signed the closing papers that secured the 4.87 acre property at 6608 Autumn Ridge Road in south Fort Collins for a future home for Saint Peter’s Anglican Church. The property is a block unto itself with curbing and sidewalk already in place. Streets surround the property on all four sides with Autumn Ridge Drive on the west, East Trilby Road on the north, Brittany Drive on the east and Candlewood Drive on the south. Also at the closing were Father Jim and our most helpful and patient realtor Cole Herk.

The property was secured through the generosity of the members and friends of Saint Peter’s. They opened their hearts and pockets in this the first step towards the building of a new church. In the end, virtually the entire amount of money needed for the purchase was in hand, with a small portion arriving too late to be included in the closing process. The balance of funds required was secured through a local banking institution as a “line of credit”. Of this only $1,139.50 was used to make-up the difference for the closing. The parish’s goal of reaching the $315,000 purchase price through contributions was realized. The parish has demonstrated it’s faithfulness to the Lord through this effort; and, in turn, the Lord has demonstrated that He has been with us through all we have endured.

What will be our next steps? We have had a very successful fundraising campaign throughout 2015-2016, and are well underway to breaking ground in the Fall of 2016! Visit our website for more information!